Gillian & Ramon | Wedding, Backsberg

Every time I get home from a wedding I am overwhelmed with so much emotion. Each and every one is so unbelievably special to me. Part of what I do is making a very real connection with every couple. It’s not just pitching up, taking photos and leaving. It’s building a very true, lasting relationship with two people.

Ramon and Gillian. I actually don’t even know where to begin writing this. *cue tears*. Gillian, you were the most radiant bride. (Not that we expected anything less, come on now girl!) Seeing you marry the man of your dreams, watching Ramon’s eyes fill with tears as you came walking down the aisles. The looks on your families’ faces… the stunning setting, perfect light – your dream wedding becoming a reality. IT WAS PERFECTION!

Thank you so much for having me as a part of your day, a flawless ‘production’ (lol), a true display to perfect, unconditional love. I pray nothing but endless blessings for you both. xx

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