Anley Family | Family Shoot, Majik Forest

For my 30th birthday, I decided to give back by offering shoots in exchange for nappies 🙂 8 packs for newborn nappies in exchange for a family or couple shoot. It was such an unbelievably amazing experience, especially seeing how many of my regular, repeat clients jumped on board to support this cause. I will eternally be grateful to each and every one who supported my drive, and it is definitely something I will do again in future (in fact I am already working on something super exciting for my birthday this year!!)

The Anley family is very close to my heart, every time I photograph them, I feel more and more like I should jump in the car and go home with them – because I’m convinced they’ve actually secretly adopted me! SO much love, and laughter every time. My favourite kind of people. This shoot was absolutely not different. Thank you for your continued support, and I cannot wait to photograph you again! xx

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