Marlie & Auren | Wedding, Langkloof Roses

This wedding will forever be embedded in my memory. Every detail. Every smile. Every moment. Marlie and Auren never crept into my heart – they lept in! From the first coffee meeting, to their engagement shoot, to that last coffee chat before the big day and then of course the big day. THEY JUST OVERFLOWED with so much love and warmth. I shot their wedding on my birthday (I’ve shot a wedding on my birthday every year for the past 5 years, and theirs was the last one, so it’s extra special. **more about that in a later blog post**)

And then there was the venue. It was my first time shooting at Langkloof Roses and I fell in love! This venue is perfect in every aspect! My second shooter for the day was Delmaine Viret from Maine Frame Photos.

Marlie & Auren’s ceremony was on of the most beautiful, emotional ceremonies I have had the honour of photographing. I had tears in my eyes from the moment Marlie stepped into the chapel. (I also almost burnt my hair on a candle – anything for the perfect shot!)

After their engagement shoot, I was convinced that Marlie and Auren were actually models. And then we did their bridal couple shoot and they just BLEW ME AWAY… How gorgeous are these two?

Langkloof Roses has definitely jumped to the top of my list as one of my all time favourite wedding venues, and if you have a look at the next few photos, I’m pretty sure you’ll see why. Such a beautifully intimate venue, in a gorgeous setting and that dancefloor set-up! Yes please!

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