Elves At Work | Sewing Workshop, Salt River

When I was younger I always loved the idea of sewing. My mom sews, my aunt sews… pretty much all the women in my family did (and still do.) So it’s really no surprise that my cousin Abigail (who is not only super talented, beautiful, has a heart of gold AND is a brilliant business woman), started Elves at Work.

Elves at Work offer a variety of sewing classes on offer, dependent on your skill level and aspirations. It was so much fun spending a morning at two of the classes at their studio in Salt River. I left, wanting to go out and start sewing! The ladies are absolutely lovely, and so knowledgeable and hands-on. You will NOT regret adding sewing to your list of life skills (this coming from someone who can barely sew on a button!) I am going to take a few classes in the upcoming months – join me!

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